Top of the Round

The Old Gods are six beings who used to reign over the six kingdoms. They include:

  • Azrael, human God of Death
  • Liliana, halfling Goddess of Life
  • Mizula, elven Goddess of Water
  • Igniata, tiefling Goddess of Fire
  • Erde, dwarven God of Earth
  • Amrog, gnome God of Wind.

(See Remph for the God of Time.)

The Old Gods purportedly created the "main" races. At the time of the campaign they are largely forgotten, except by a few powerful people and the Cult of the Elders, having been mostly replaced by the New Gods. Azrael is the exception, appearing in the new pantheon under the name Zephyr Rothchild.

Each of the Old Gods has a magical armament imbued with their powers.

The souls and bodies of the Old Gods can continue to exist separately from each other even when they are killed. When this happens their bodies can become corrupted, unless properly contained, causing curses and plagues.

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