Top of the Round

Se'ku Wi is a polite and generous Monk who beliefs in punching and kicking before asking questions.

Early Life[]

According to his memory, he was found and raised by Master Wi and the monks at the monastery.

Book 1[]

Se'ku was preparing a boat to get across the lake when two strangers ran towards him in need of aid.

Book 2[]

Regretting his action after the defeat of the Allmother, Se'ku distracts himself by witnessing Talice her trial.

Book 3[]

He raised his staff high and slammed in onto the floor of the Temple in Kraken's Breach.


  • "Is the person driving the caravan dead or something?"
  • "What did she say before? I couldn't understand her. You should probably get away from it. It's glowing, Talice. Can you not see the flow?"


  • Monk Rocket is a thing now.