Top of the Round

Talice Illoryn is a female drow roque.

Early Life[]

When she was born...

Years in the Order[]

At the age of 50, she pickpocketed the Ivory Celestial. He caught her and took her in.

Book 1[]

Dropped off by her employer at a lake not far from Heaven's Gate, Talice made her way through the trees when something came after her. That's when she tripped over Chaz Walker, who was trying to sleep on the ground, naked.

Book 2[]

Having defeated the Allmother, the group escaped through a portal to the Order.

Book 3[]

From a terrible situation to falling in love with the man you've hated for centuries. later on, Talice, Chaz and the Auburn Celestial head to the island of Vanure in the Wind Kingdom.


  • "F****k".
  • "That's a story for another time."


  • Talice has a septum ring.
  • She has white hair.
  • Talice speaks the following languages: Abyssal, Common, Deep Speech, Elvish, Primordial, Undercommon, and Thieves Cant.