Top of the Round

Zeke is an NPC played by Kenon. He was introduced in Pistacchio?

Zeke is an elderly Halfling who lives in Tallow outside Heaven's Gate. He is ancient, with a bent posture, and hobbles with a cane. He is a widower, his deceased wife was named Emma.

The trio first encountered him when he fled from their fight with a Shadestrider and hid in an abandoned house. Chaz and Talice both spotted him, and Chaz attempted to talk to him. Zeke was initially too scared to interact with them, but later Se'ku stepped in and helped calm him down and spoke with him at some length.

The trio rescued Zeke from incoming Shadestriders, then join with other towns folk in a caravan racing for the safety of Heaven's Gate, the trio and Zeke end up stalled at a cross roads, with Shadestrider's incoming. Zeke heroically decides to be brave one last time, and sacrifices himself to save the others.

A bright flash is seen, and the enemies are destroyed.

When the trio of adventurers return to the site later, they find no trace of Zeke's body, but do see his staff, standing upright by itself and emitting strange magical effects...